Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Chapel 1877

Churchill Way, Cardiff [map]

Chapel 1877 is a bar, restaurant and nightclub housed in a former methodist chapel in the unlikely location of the bottom end of Churchill Way.

It's more about fancy dining than it is straight-up boozing but there are some non-restaurant chairs and tables littered about the place if the sustenance you require is of the liquid variety.

The idea of having a large leather sofa directly opposite the bar is appealing - you can just yell your order at the barman without even having to get up.

Some people who have just posh noshed. The wine list runs to eight pages, by the way - remarkable, given that all wine tastes the same to us.

There's a small terrace area with a good view of that massive junction in front of Cardiff Masonic Hall, making it a good place for spotting old blokes with one trouser leg rolled up.

Oh my lord, what on earth's going on here? It's like it's from a particularly naff range of 1980s Athena posters, with added tribal tattoos. It might just be the worst thing my eyes have ever seen.

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