Friday, 6 January 2017


5–7 Queen Street, Cardiff [map]

After various incarnations over the years, including short-lived rock joint Bogiez, much-missed indie toilet the Barfly and raffle pedlar the Rose & Crown, this corner of Queen Street is now, officially, a bunker of booze.

Which, if you are going to be stuck in a bunker for any length of time, isn't a bad one to be in.

Negotiate the spiral staircase – easier said than done if you're in the midst of a serious all-dayer and are experiencing some issues with regards to maintaining a vertical base – and you're rewarded with a bar brimming with real ales, craft beers and various other libations in which myriad obscure things have been done to unsuspecting hops.

In other words, the Foster's is off – permanently.

There's a curious ambience to the place, partly because it's underground and has no natural light, and partly because the interior looks as if it's been furnished from an Argos catalogue circa 1996.

Still, just look at that beer menu.

It's all too much for that bloke at the bottom left to cope with. "Butcombe Yeti? Lincoln Green Marion? Mahrs Bräu Ungespundet? I just can't decide!" (And we didn't even make any of those up.)

The novelty urinal is a bit of a thing these days, isn't it?

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