Monday, 5 September 2011

Pear Tree

The Globe Centre, Wellfield Road, Roath [map]

It's difficult to tell if Pear Tree (the lack of definite article just sounds wrong, doesn't it?) is sinking into the ground or whether this is just a slightly wonky photo. Although you can probably work it out.

Either way, who ever knew there were quite so many different shades of beige?

A bit of history for you: this used to be a Bar Billabong and, long before that, a cinema - The Photographer saw Return of the Jedi here.

Lots of admin going on at the bar. This bloke is on the phone and he's got a pen tucked behind his ear. He couldn't look any busier if he tried.

Well, actually, he could try serving us as well. That would be good.

Hilariously, we opt some sort of cherry beer concoction by the name of Liefmans. Less hilariously, it weighs in at a staggering £4.50 a pint.

Come the next round we're back on the session lager.

From this vantage point, the bar area almost looks like a shot from some sort of Cardiff Tourist Information brochure, in which everyone has perpetually fixed grins and is enjoying alcohol in a responsible fashion and definitely won't get really pissed, fall into a bush and then throw up on the way home.

Imagine going to a bar and either (1) wanting to play a board game or (2) being impressed by a very old sewing machine.

Seriously, is this a drinking hole or a playgroup for precocious four-year-olds?

We amble upstairs, where it's all very tasteful. Although you cannot help but feel that the whole thing is a slightly less successful take on Juno Lounge down the road.

We are able to confirm that this lamp is definitely working. So that's great news.

Oooh, arty.


unclewilco said...

do they have any real ale on - i know it's not your thing but your readers (me) may be intrested

Brew Wales said...

Used to be called 42nd Street before it was Bar Billabong

Pint of 45 said...

Selection of draughts was pretty limited, although they had a couple of Brains ales.

42nd Street? Sounds, er, interesting.