Monday, 14 May 2012


55 St Mary Street, Cardiff [map]

You may remember that we last paid Kiwis a visit in July. Back then, it was still in its original home at the wrong end of Wyndham Arcade.

But look at it now in its new location that straddles both the arcade and St Mary Street. Hasn't it scrubbed up well?

These days it's all big TV screens, glass lampshades, pale wood, shiny beer taps and Asahi, although you can buy Carling for £2 a pint, which is more in keeping with the Kiwis of old.

The clientele doesn't seem to have changed at all though. Which does make you wonder if they're just so pissed they haven't even noticed that the gaff has moved.

The Photographer (today played by British character actor Tom Wilkinson) is accosted by this chap (as himself), who insists on having his photo taken for the blog. We're happy to oblige.

We take a pew down the far end, opposite the disabled toilet (the main loos are downstairs). Turns out there's a bloke who's been locked in it by his prankster mates. A member of the bar staff eventually has to come and rescue him. Never a dull moment.

Indeed, although there's been a shift both geographically and aesthetically, Kiwis still has a sense of rough-edged charm. Despite its best efforts, it remains eminently unfashionable - always the sign of a good booze parlour, if you ask us.

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