Monday, 25 June 2012

The Three Horse Shoes

Merthyr Road, Birchgrove [map]


It's a pub. It's a very damp picnic area next to a main road. It appears to be flogging The Famous Five for £3.95 (although we're fairly certain that selling children is illegal - even in Birchgrove).

And it doesn't have a full complement of horse shoes.


We've never understood why pubs have little shelving units displaying their bottled beers. Is the fact that you're trying to shift the utterly foul Budweiser really so incredible that you have to put it on a plinth?

(No. In case you were wondering.)

"Proper food. Proper prices," proclaim the menus. The sort of utterly meaningless marketese that's enough to drive anyone to bibulousness.

Another food-related note: you can tell they're absolutely mental here as they serve roast dinners on days of the week other than Sunday.

With this sort of experimental approach to cooking, it's only a matter of time until they're drumming up nitro poached aperitifs and snail porridge.

Never trust a cash machine in a pub. Even The Photographer has never been so desperate for a pint that he's been prepared to pay the inevitable £2.75 surcharge.

The bar goes on forever.

You can't quite tell as much from this photo but walking its entire length takes about 12 days: going from one end to the other is like trying to hike Offa's Dyke, albeit with greater opportunity to partake in gassy American lagers and roast dinners along the way.

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