Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Andrew Buchan

29 Albany Road, Roath [map]

We know what you're thinking. "That is one weird pub. It almost looks as if it used to be a video rental store or something." And you'd be right. It is a weird pub and it used to be a video rental store (Choices, to be precise).

It's operated by Rhymney Brewery - this is the firm's first hostelry in Cardiff. So, in addition to your Strongbows and Carlsbergs, you've got the well-priced delights (£2.45 a pint till 5pm) of the baldly-named Rhymney Bitter, Rhymney Dark, Rhymney Export et al.

Although whether transporting something from Blaenavon to Roath really constitutes 'export' remains to be seen.

There's something about the place that makes it feel like a set, as if the walls might start wobbling at any moment. It's like a display at The Ideal Pub Exhibition, suggests The Photographer, in a rare moment of clarity.

Possibly the most melancholic photo we've ever posted.

When the gaff first opened, if you sat at one of the high tables in the window, it was like being in a boozy goldfish bowl - albeit one with an excellent view of Albany Appliances over the road.

They've since added some frosting to the windows though (see outside shot, top) to make the whole experience marginally less odd.

Frosting or otherwise, this fella's still keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Wouldn't it be great if they fed the chimney from that wood-burner into the back of its head in order to pump smoke out its mouth? Now that would draw punters in, surely: "Come and enjoy a pint while marvelling at Albany Road's famous smoke-belching moose!"

Talking of smoke belching, this is the smoking area. I am actually lost for words.


Cardiff Libraries said...

Ah, if you think that smoking area is a tad Spartan you should vist their establishment in Pontypridd. It takes basic to a whole new level. Damn good beer though!

Pint of 45 said...

That sounds incredible. If you can, send us a pic of it!

Owen Jones said...

I didn't know that the bar was there until a few days ago, but I will be sampling the real ales as soon as I can.

We have lost too many bars, so it is nice to see a new one open.


Pint of 45 said...

Yeah, always good to see new bars & pubs opening - even the slightly odder ones!